We have a calendar of activities, including monthly trips to somewhere special and evening meetings on occasions with a guest speaker. Interested people are welcome to join us during these activities, which are advertised in the GB Weekly 'Upcoming Events'.

We have jobs for volunteers, i.e. weedbusting, planting or maintaining trees on riparian margins of streams and managing trapping lines.

Also under the Forest and Bird Golden Bay management are:
The Golden Bay Kiwi Conservation Club - available for nature loving children and their families. The local Golden Bay KCC group is run by Marion Milne, who can be contacted at 525 7410. If you would like to receive a free copy of our KCC magazine, simply telephone toll-free from anywhere within NZ: 0800 200 064.

The Kiwi Conservation Club (KCCs) is a national organisation educating children about the natural world of New Zealand. Membership fees for a family is $20 or $12 per single child. This entitles the subscriber to an incredible, regularly published magazine and to participate in family activities with other local branch members.

The Golden Bay Stream Care Group - established by Forest and Bird to support communities wishing to care for a stream in their locality by restoring it to a healthy state so that native fish have suitable a habitat to flourish in. We have three co-ordinators, John Gilardi: 524 8534, Robyn Jones: 524 8266, and Hazel Pearson c/o: 525 9099 (where a message for Hazel will be passed on). If you wish for support to set up a Stream Care group under our umbrella, please telephone one of these people or Jo-Anne Vaughan at 524 8072. Volunteers are warmly welcomed to assist with planting and maintaining current stream-side plantings. Anyone willing to care for young trees in a home nursery are also warmly invited.

The Golden Bay Trapping Group - People wishing support to set up trapping lines on their own property may contact John Gilardi at 524 8534, Robyn Jones at 524 8266, Roy Barden at 525 7006, or Jo-Anne Vaughan at 524 8072 for assistance. Volunteer trappers are warmly welcome to join our group. We provide traps and trapping support in areas where special biodiversity such as weka, banded rail, little blue penguins, etc. need protection from rats and stoats. We also provide trapping support for the trapping lines in the Cobb Valley.

A particular project in progress currently is the Central Golden Bay Trapping Project, extending from Patons Rock to Milnthorpe. There are sufficient landowners currently maintaining trapping lines in this area to encourage other landowners to join their properties with the project, developing a 'mainland island' type project in this locality for Golden Bay. There is other excellent work being done by landowners and volunteer trappers in other parts of Golden Bay as well, i.e. Paynes Ford, Parapara Valley and Mangarakau Swamp. Telephone any one of the above numbers if you and your neighbours would like to establish up a trapping project in your locality.

Golden Bay Weedbusters - Forest and Bird Golden Bay Branch also organises the Golden Bay Weedbusters, which is keen for neighbourhood groups to get together and tackle invasive weeds in their area, on reserve land, along the coast, along streams, and will do their best to support these groups to become well established.

Golden Bay Weedbusters is part of a national organisation. There is a Weedbuster group in most parts of New Zealand.

For information about weeds, visit the Weedbuster website to learn about invasive weeds within NZ. The website has a comprehensive library of photographs for the various garden plants that are spreading beyond the boundaries of New Zealand gardens to invade natural areas or neighbourhood gardens and it provides ways that these plants can be controlled or eradicated.

For local Contact, telehone Jo-Anne at 524 8072 or Peter (Mr Golden Bay Weedbuster) at 524 8306. Golden Bay Weedbusters is especially targeting Old Man's Beard and Banana Passionfruit Vine at present.

The Friends of Mangarakau Swamp Inc. is the management group for this wetland, located just south of the Whanganui Inlet. This group was established by Forest and Bird Golden Bay Branch to restore this wetland to its natural state.

We provide tracks, a picnic area, a Visitor Information Centre and Museum for the enjoyment of visitors wishing to learn more about this wetland.

There is a 10 bed Lodge available for use by members and can be borrowed by others to enjoy the experience of the swamp and the area. The membership fee for the Friends of Mangarakau Swamp is an annual subscription of $10 and enquiries can be made by contacting the Secretary, Jo-Anne Vaughan, at 524 8072.