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Strawbale Sustainable Home Completed!

StrawBale House Details
StrawBale House Details
1 January 2011 - Sustainable Building Alliance Completes Strawbale Home. Raising the walls of this two-story strawbale house in two weekends with all volunteer workers proved to be a very rewarding experience for Michael Thomas, who led the workshops, and all the people who participated.

Stacking bales and plastering walls puts the many hands of a volunteer crew to good use during these very popular workshops that saw people from six different countries and Antarctica come together for a common good. There were two weekend wall raisings and an intensive nine day workshop with people sharing and celebrating the build with each other.

With solar hot water heating, superior strawbale wall insulation, and lots of other sustainable buildng materials and techniques used the owner is enjoying a comfortable and easy home to live in. You can contact Sustainable Building Alliance for more information about building environmentally friendly strawbale homes through their website at:

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